What is MetaSing?

MetaSing is a Web3 lifestyle platform that fully combines Game-Fi, Social-Fi and Music-Fi elements.
Players can equip themselves with NFT in the form of microphones, headsets and music arena. in-game income can be earned by singing, listening and scoring music and using music arena. In-game tokens can be used continuously in-game or cashed in for income.
Through Game-Fi, MetaSing aims to inspire millions of people to adopt more fun and entertaining ways to connect the public to Web3, while relying on its strengths in Social-Fi to build a lasting platform to promote user-generated Web3 content.
MetaSing's vision is to create the first sing2earn platform on the blockchain. Through a large number of songs, gathering music lovers from all over the world and showcasing them on major mainstream media and metaverse platforms, each player can have their own "digital music world".


Game Token: DJC (DJ Coin)
Governance Token: BEAT (Beat Coin)
Note: MetaSing is currently in public beta, so the content in the Whitepaper is subject to change in the future.
Last modified 6mo ago